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I was born and raised in the midwest, Davenport, IA. I grew up as an only child which drowned me into a world of imagination. It was the late 80’s when I entered into this world, I had the opportunity to be surrounded by a lot of culture and the expansion of technology, this gave me the gift of adapting to change.
While young, I was invested in being creative. I would take a Sony walkman and record myself acting out roles of characters I created just to hear myself on playback. I would draw the characters that I came up with and write their backstory before placing them into a detailed story arc. As I got older I found myself evolving in acting, singing, fight choreography and finally when consumer cameras hit the market strong, I wanted to film my own movies. I have always admired art in all forms and I love telling a great story that makes people feel something.
I pursued cinematography because I can share what I see through a lens with the world. They say an image has a thousand words, how many words can I fit in 24 frames per second. I want to tell a story, my story, one of a lonely child with nothing, but his imagination. My art is my expression, my expression is who I am.

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